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Machine Wisdom is built using OpenAI's GPT-2 model, which was trained on tens of thousands of quotes from famous authors, artists and philosophers.

GPT-2 is a large language model which can be used to generate spans of coherent text. This website uses the small version of GPT-2 (117 millions of parameters) which was finetuned on around 60 thousand quotes for ~1700 steps (batch size of 32). A simple sample-and-rank decoding strategy was used similarly to a recent chatbot paper from Google.

The model's generation is filtered to only include quotes that don't exist already (from those present in the training data). However, since the original GPT-2 model was trained on a large amount of text from the Internet, it is possible that a small number of the quotes generated can be found out there.

To learn more about this model or explore some of my other projects, visit my personal website!

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